Better Call Saul “Mijo”

Better Call Saul S1E2: “Mijo”

While “Uno” changed focus rather frequently, admittedly rather well, the pace of episode two of Better Call Saul slows down, but the excitement certainly does not do the same.

We start the excitement just a minute before Jimmy unknowingly walked himself into a dangerous place, Tuco’s abuelita’s house. The fun begins as he walks in and quickly deduces that the skater kids are in trouble, possibly dead, and he might be next. He blabbers on for a fair bit, not being particularly off about anything and it comes across rather humorously for such a tense moment. Even Tuco has nothing to say other than that Jimmy “has quite the mouth on him” after he finally has a chance to say something in response. After Tuco shows off to be quite the (grand) mama’s boy cooking, cleaning and assuring his abuelita that nothing is wrong he takes Jimmy to the tied up but otherwise uninjured skaters. They snitch on him saying it was his idea, and now the fun goes to the desert.

Jimmy is calm under the face of pressure, lying that he is FBI when it becomes obvious being a regular lawyer is not the answer Tuco wants nor the one that’s going to help him. He folds under the pressure of one of Tuco’s partners, Nacho when he asks for the real truth. Nacho then vouches for Jimmy saying it will be bad for the business if they start axing lawyers. Through Nacho’s reasoning, and Tuco’s grace if one could call it that, Jimmy gets to walk free and this leads to the episodes best scene. Jimmy putting on that lawyer’s magic touch and convincing Tuco to lighten the punishment on the skaters. While we know he can’t die from this encounter, being a prequel and all, it still had me yelling at Jimmy to cut his losses and leave. We’re still a long way from the Saul Goodman that suggests putting hits out on people in Breaking Bad. This is Jimmy McGill and he cares about people. He feels at fault for the skaters being in this dilemma. Jimmy gets his way and talks Tuco down. As Jimmy rushes the skaters with their one broken leg each to the hospital, one of them proclaims he is the worst lawyer ever. Jimmy notes that he got them out of a death sentence and that he is the best lawyer. He’s probably not either but he does care about people and I am interested in seeing the descent into the Saul Goodman character that we know and love from the original series. When will it happen? Maybe soon. Nacho didn’t just let him leave for nothing. He keeps his matchbook made business card and swings by the office. Back in the desert Jimmy mentioned the Kettleman case and Nacho, being the business man he is, sees an opportunity. Jimmy wants no part of a finder’s fee when Nacho promises to take the money the Kettleman’s stole but he does have the promise of Nacho that if he snitches about this, he’s toast. Jimmy has already put his life on the line for other people, will he do it again?

Other Thoughts:

Great montage in the episode, Jimmy back to work after storming off last time saying he never wanted to be a public defender at the courthouse again. Having to pay other people’s hospital bills while you’re already close to broke will do that to you

It seems to me that Jimmy does not believe that Chuck is actually sick. His insisting of Chuck taking off the “space blanket” comes across like he thinks its ridiculous Chuck is even in this situation.

The guy who Tuco says to “stop helping” is the same dude who Tuco kills for seemingly talking out of place in Breaking Bad, guess he never learned his lesson.

Word (Phrase) of the Day: Colombian Necktie: When one’s throat is cut open and their tongue is pulled through the slit by the cutter. Phrase contributed by Tuco.

Poor Abuelita’s carpet will be ruined! Tuco never got the club soda. That blood isn’t going anywhere for a long time.


“Mijo” pits two Breaking Bad veterans in Tuco and Jimmy against each other in a thrilling day out in the desert. The balance between being an honest lawyer and Jimmy’s Saul-esque antics is an ongoing and interesting battle.

Grade B+



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